Pod Juice x OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K Disposable Vape

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Pod Juice x OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K Disposable Vape

Introducing the illustrious Pod Juice x OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K Disposable Vape – a marvelous collaboration that delivers an unparalleled vaping experience guaranteed to enchant and satisfy with ease and style!

Starting with the e-liquid, every device comes pre-filled with a generous 18mL of Pod Juice’s top-tier e-liquid. Known for its purity, consistency, and delightful flavor profile, Pod Juice is a trusted brand in the vaping community, promising an immaculate taste that is smooth, satisfying, and utterly unforgettable in every puff. With a nicotine strength of 5% (50mg), this device caters to those who crave a strong, robust hit, providing the immediate satisfaction that nicotine enthusiasts seek.

But what makes the Magic Maze Pro 10K truly outstanding is its power and longevity. This device is equipped with a potent 650mAh Type-C rechargeable battery, designed for sustained usage with a speedy and convenient charging process. With approximately 10,000 puffs available in each device, it effortlessly supports extended periods of use, making it an ideal companion for both casual and seasoned vapers alike.

To enhance your vaping experience further, this device boasts a Mesh 1.0Ω Coil, a component known for its impressive capability to facilitate smooth and consistent vapor production. The coil operates efficiently between 11W to 15W of adjustable wattage, allowing you to easily customize the power output to suit your preferred intensity and flavor delivery.

As you navigate through the enchanting maze of flavors and sensations, the Magic Maze Pro 10K also offers meticulous airflow control. With a bottom airflow control switch, transition seamlessly between MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) and RDL (Restricted Direct Lung) vaping styles. This feature allows you to adjust the device’s airflow to your liking, providing a tailored experience that accommodates both tight and loose draw preferences.

But that’s not all! One of the most striking features of the Magic Maze Pro 10K is its Smart LED Screen Display. This innovative addition keeps you informed on the device’s battery life, e-liquid level, and current wattage, ensuring you’re always in control and aware of your device’s status. This intelligent design element not only enhances convenience but also adds an extra layer of safety and assurance as you use the device.

In the spirit of providing value, every purchase of the Pod Juice x OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K comes with a free lanyard included! The lanyard is not just a simple accessory; it is a statement of style and a practical tool to keep your device within reach at all times, preventing loss or misplacement.

Beyond its technical specifications, the Magic Maze Pro 10K is a symbol of elegance and sophistication in the vaping world. Its design is sleek, modern, and ergonomic, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand while catching eyes with its aesthetic appeal. Each detail is meticulously crafted to provide not just a vaping device, but a companion that you would be proud to showcase and use.


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    OXBAR Magic Maze

    Posted by Glass on Feb 10th 2024

    Definitely a all day vape super smooth flavor and taste

  • 5


    Posted by nestor sanchez on Dec 18th 2023

    Very Good

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    Love it! Custom wattage and digital display.

    Posted by Jessica Lara on Nov 4th 2023

    I love this vape. It has high fruity notes of flavor. I bought the "Bubble Melon"! The flavor is amazing and the device it's self is impressive. The only disposable vape I've had where you can select your custom wattage. And I love the newer vapes like this one where you can see the juice level and battery level. Definitely prevents the outings where your vape dies on you unexpectedly cause you couldn't tell battery level. I would definitely recommend this vape to anyone looking for that sweet fruity full flavor. The battery seems to last allot longer without needing a recharge like most of the other brands. I'm a seasoned veteran, and this vape is one of the best I've tried.