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GiMi 30K Disposable Vape

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GiMi 30K Disposable Vape

Experience the pinnacle of vaping technology with the GiMi 30K Disposable Vape, powered by Viho. This cutting-edge device is designed to deliver unmatched performance, convenience, and style. With a massive e-liquid capacity and an innovative dual-coil system, the GiMi 30K is engineered to provide an exceptional vaping experience that lasts.

Key Features:

  • High Capacity: Pre-filled with 17mL of premium e-liquid, offering an impressive puff count for extended use.
  • High Nicotine Strength: Contains 5% (50mg) nicotine, providing a strong and satisfying hit with each puff.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a Type-C rechargeable battery, ensuring reliable power and quick recharging.
  • Dual Vaping Modes: Easily switch between two vaping modes with a single click:
    • ECO Mode: Delivers approximately 30,000 puffs, perfect for prolonged use.
    • Boost Mode: Provides approximately 15,000 puffs for a more intense flavor and vapor experience.
  • Stealth Mode: Turn the screen on or off with three quick clicks in two seconds, perfect for discreet vaping.
  • Battery & E-Liquid Display: Keep track of your device’s status with a clear display showing battery life and e-liquid levels.
  • Advanced Dual Coils: Features a 2-in-1 advanced dual coil system for optimal flavor and vapor production.

GiMi 30K Disposable Kit PACKAGE LIST:

  • 1 x GiMi 30K Disposable Vape

Available Flavor Options:

Choose from a variety of delicious and unique flavors, each crafted to enhance your vaping experience:

  • Frozen Blackberry: A cool and refreshing blackberry flavor with an icy finish.
  • Alaska Spearmint: Crisp and invigorating spearmint for a fresh vaping experience.
  • Georgia Peach Mango: A delightful blend of sweet peaches and juicy mangoes.
  • Strawberry Blast: A burst of sweet and tangy strawberry flavor.
  • Luscious Redmelon Ice: Sweet red melon with a refreshing icy touch.
  • Juicy Peach Ice: Sweet peaches with a cooling ice finish.
  • Frozen Blue Raz: Tangy blue raspberry with an icy twist.
  • Minty O's: Refreshing mint flavor for a clean and cool vape.
  • New York Minty Ice: A classic mint flavor with an extra icy kick.
  • Green Dragon: An exotic blend of tropical fruits.
  • Super Fresh Menthol: Intensely fresh menthol for a cool and invigorating experience.
  • Tropical Rainbow Blast: A tropical fruit medley with a rainbow of flavors.
  • Mango Twister: A sweet and tangy mango flavor that twists your taste buds.
  • Strawberry Kiwi: A perfect blend of sweet strawberries and tangy kiwi.
  • Pineapple Coco Ice: Juicy pineapple and creamy coconut with an icy finish.
  • Raz Redmelon: A mix of sweet raspberry and juicy red melon.

Why Choose GiMi 30K Disposable Vape?

The GiMi 30K Disposable Vape stands out with its high puff count, advanced features, and customizable options. Whether you are a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, this device offers a superior and satisfying experience. The combination of a powerful battery, large e-liquid capacity, and user-friendly design ensures that the GiMi 30K meets all your vaping needs.