ZERO Max Plant Powered Disposable

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ZERO Max 0% Nicotine Plant Powered Disposable

In the evolving landscape of the vaping industry, innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction play pivotal roles. One product standing at the forefront of this revolution is the Zero Max 5000 Puffs. It stands out as a remarkable blend of ingenuity, excellent design, and most importantly, a health-conscious approach. This rechargeable version of the popular Zero Disposable Vape comes with 13ml of plant-based juice, a distinctive feature that sets it apart in a market filled with nicotine-based offerings.

Design and Features

The Zero Max 5000 borrows the casing design of the Lost Mary OS5000, a testament to its sophisticated aesthetics and premium build quality. It boasts an advanced mesh coil system, setting new standards in the industry for vape juice heating and vapor production. This innovative feature ensures that every puff delivers rich, consistent, and smooth vapor, enhancing the overall user experience.

The device operates silently, adding to its appeal for users who value discretion. Another noteworthy feature is the top-mounted USB Type-C charging port, which allows for faster charging times and improved convenience. The designers were mindful of ensuring that users always have a clear indication of battery life, including an intuitive LED indicator that changes color according to the remaining battery power.

Health-Conscious Approach

What sets the Zero Max 5000 apart from its counterparts is its commitment to a healthier vaping experience. This device contains zero nicotine, making it a valuable tool for individuals seeking to quit nicotine-based vaping. As a tobacco-free product, the Zero Max 5000 proves to be non-habit forming, addressing one of the major concerns associated with traditional vaping products. This feature makes it an attractive option for consumers seeking to satiate their oral fixation without resorting to traditional, harmful vape products.

Flavor Variety

The Zero Max 5000 shines in its assortment of tantalizing flavors. Each flavor is uniquely crafted to deliver an enjoyable vaping experience. Below is the full list:

  • Gummy Drop: This flavor perfectly encapsulates the essence of Gummy Bears, delivering a sweet and fruity experience with every puff.
  • Hawaiian Ice: The taste of icy berry cantaloupe transports you to the beaches of Hawaii, providing a refreshing and exotic vaping experience.
  • Kiwi Guava Passionfruit: This tropical blend of flavors offers a sweet and tart vaping experience, promising a delectable flavor profile that's sure to delight.
  • Peach Berry: This flavor brings together the sweetness of peaches with the tangy kick of berries, creating a unique and captivating blend.
  • Strawberry Kiwi: The classic duo of strawberries and kiwi provides a balanced, fruity vape that's both sweet and tangy.


In summary, the Zero Max 5000 positions itself as a revolutionary product in the vaping industry. Its focus on design, convenience, and health-conscious features make it an ideal choice for both experienced vapers and those new to the vaping world. The variety of flavors ensures there's a taste for every palate. If you're in the process of quitting traditional vape or looking for a satisfying alternative to satiate your oral fixation, the Zero Max 5000 is worth considering.

Please note that while vaping is generally considered less harmful than traditional smoking, any form of vaping still poses potential health risks. It is always recommended to discuss with a healthcare provider before starting or continuing vaping.