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Juicy Bar Pro Max JB25000 Disposable Vape

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Juicy Bar Pro Max JB 25000 Puffs Disposable Vape

Embrace the ultimate vaping delight with the Juicy Bar JB25000 Pro Max, featuring the enchanting Peachy Mint blend. This premium vape device is engineered to elevate your vaping sessions, merging the luscious sweetness of ripe peaches with a crisp minty freshness. It's an alluring combination that captures the essence of summer in each puff.

Exceptional Features:

  • E-Liquid Capacity: Comes with a substantial 19mL of e-liquid, ensuring over 25000 puffs of your favorite summery blend, Peachy Mint. This capacity is designed to provide a long-lasting vaping experience without the need for frequent refills.
  • Advanced Battery: Equipped with a robust 900mAh battery, the Juicy Bar Pro Max stands out by offering 30% more usage time compared to its rivals. This means uninterrupted enjoyment of your chosen flavor.
  • Cutting-Edge Coil Technology: Featuring super dual mesh coil technology, this device guarantees a smoother, more voluminous vapor production. Each draw intensifies the Peachy Mint flavor, striking a perfect harmony between sweetness and coolness.
  • Sleek, User-Friendly Design: Boasting a modern look with an LED screen and USB-C rechargeability, the Juicy Bar Pro Max combines aesthetics with convenience. It’s the epitome of style and portability for vaping enthusiasts on the go.

Taste the Difference:

The Peachy Mint flavor is a testament to the Juicy Bar JB25000 Pro Max’s excellence in providing a unique vaping experience. Its flavor profile is meticulously crafted to mimic the sensation of biting into a juicy, orchard-fresh peach, immediately followed by a refreshing minty exhale.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 19mL
  • Coil: Super Dual Mesh Coil
  • Puff Count: 25000+ Puffs
  • Nicotine Strength: 5.0%
  • Battery Capacity: 900mAh
  • Display: Built-In LED Screen
  • Charging: USB-C Rechargeable (Cable Not Included)
  • Flavor Range: 15 distinct flavors

Diverse Flavor Selection:

The Juicy Bar JB25000 Pro Max doesn't stop at Peachy Mint; it offers a palette of 15 flavors ranging from Banana Bluerazz Ice to White Gummy. Each flavor is designed to deliver a unique taste sensation, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every vaper’s preference.

Package Contents:

Each package includes 1x Juicy Bar JB25000 Pro Max Vape, ready to use right out of the box. Dive into a seamless vaping experience with no assembly required and discover why the Juicy Bar Pro Max is a game-changer in the world of disposable vapes.

Juicy Bar Vape 25000 Puffs Flavors:

  •  Bluerazz Ice: A frosty fusion that combines the creamy sweetness of ripe with the sharp, tangy kick of blue raspberries, finished with an icy exhale for a refreshing twist.
  • Berry Berry Ice: An icy blast of mixed berries, this flavor merges the juicy sweetness of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, creating a cool, berry-filled paradise with every puff.
  • Blueberry Strawberry Ice: A refreshing concoction that combines the tartness of blueberries with the sweet charm of strawberries, all enveloped in a crisp icy finish for a balanced, fruity vape.
  • Bluerazz Ice: Sharp and sweet, this flavor brings the bold tanginess of blue raspberries into a perfect chill with an ice-cool finish, offering a tantalizingly frosty vape experience.
  • Caribbean Strawberry Coconut Ice: Transport yourself to tropical shores with this exotic blend of juicy strawberries and creamy coconut, all cooled down with a refreshing icy touch for a vacation in every vape.
  • Double Mint: A powerful burst of freshness, this flavor doubles down on mint, offering a clean, invigorating vape experience that's as refreshing as a breath of fresh air.
  • Fucking Fabulous: A mysterious and indulgent blend, this flavor promises a luxurious and bold vaping experience with a name that hints at an unforgettable, top-secret taste profile.
  • Green Grape Ice: Crisp and refreshing, this flavor combines the sweet, slightly tart essence of green grapes with a frosty finish, delivering a juicy, invigorating vape experience.
  • Italian Coffee Ice: Savor the rich, robust flavors of Italian espresso with a cool twist. This blend offers the deep, aromatic pleasure of freshly brewed coffee on ice, perfect for coffee lovers.
  • Mango Orange Ice: A tropical delight, this flavor mixes the lush sweetness of mangoes with the citrusy zing of oranges, topped with an icy exhale for a refreshing, fruity vape.
  • Peachy Mint: A harmonious blend of orchard-fresh peaches and cool mint, this flavor offers a sweet, juicy inhale followed by a refreshing minty exhale, balancing sweetness with invigoration.
  • Raspberry Watermelon Ice: Dive into the sweet union of tart raspberries and juicy watermelon, finished with a cool icy note. It's a refreshing, thirst-quenching flavor perfect for warm weather.
  • Strawberry Cherry Ice: A sweet, frosty blend of ripe strawberries and juicy cherries, this flavor offers a delightful mix of summer fruits with a chilly finish, making every puff a refreshing experience.
  • Watermelon Kiwi Ice: Combining the sweetness of watermelon with the tangy kick of kiwi, this flavor is enhanced with an icy finish, creating a uniquely refreshing and flavorful vape.
  • White Gummy: Inspired by the classic white gummy bear candy, this flavor offers a burst of fruity, sweet goodness, capturing the essence of your favorite childhood treat in vape form.


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    Grape Apple

    Posted by James Shanks on Apr 8th 2024

    The apple flavor is weak but the combination of the two is solid.