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Funky Lands (Republic) Ti7000 Frozen Edition Disposable Vape

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Funky Lands (Republic) Ti7000 Frozen Edition Disposable Vape

Introducing Funky Lands Ti7000 FROZEN EDITION Disposable Vape

Regarding vaping technology, Funky Republic has consistently outdone itself by delivering high-end, innovative products that have rocked the vaping world. One such recent engineering marvel is the Funky Republic Ti7000 FROZEN EDITION Disposable Vape. With its unique features, advanced technology, and overall user-friendly experience, it's not only a device; it's an ultimate vaping companion.

Design and Aesthetics

The Ti7000 FROZEN EDITION is a celebration of design and aesthetics. It's a sleek, modern-looking device that combines comfort, functionality, and style into one comprehensive unit. The FROZEN EDITION features a chill, icy design that reflects its namesake. Its clean lines and ergonomic shape make it comfortable to hold and use. Despite its robust features, the unit remains lightweight and portable, quickly slipping into a pocket or a small bag for vaping.

High-capacity Pre-filled E-Liquid

Packed with 12.8ml of pre-filled e-liquid, the Ti7000 FROZEN EDITION Disposable Vape ensures you don't run out of juice when you need it the most. This large capacity is unheard of in the disposable vape world, placing the Ti7000 in a league of its own. The pre-filled e-liquid is a curated blend of high-quality ingredients, providing a smooth, flavorful, and satisfying vape every time. Plus, it's available in various flavors, catering to every palette, whether you prefer classic tobacco, refreshing mint, sweet fruity notes, or exotic, tropical tangs.

Rechargeable Battery

Unlike many disposable vapes, the Funky Lands Ti7000 FROZEN EDITION is powered by a robust 600mAh rechargeable battery. This advanced feature prolongs the device's lifespan, allowing you to enjoy approximately 7000 puffs per charge. The addition of a Type-C quick charging port provides fast and efficient power-up times, keeping downtime to a minimum. The powerful battery and rapid charging capabilities ensure you're always in high and dry, making the Ti7000 a reliable vaping companion wherever you are.

First E-Liquid & Power Screen Display

What sets the Ti7000 FROZEN EDITION Disposable Vape apart from its competitors is the introduction of a first-of-its-kind E-Liquid and Power Screen Display. This innovative feature lets you track your real-time e-liquid levels and battery life. With a simple glance at the user-friendly interface, you'll know when to recharge the battery or replace the device, ensuring an uninterrupted vaping experience.

Quaq Technology

Funky Republic Ti7000 FROZEN EDITION boasts an exceptional feature, the patented Quaq Technology. This game-changing feature ensures a smooth, consistent vaping experience, consistently delivering a perfect puff. Quaq Technology ensures that the Ti7000 provides

  • a uniform,
  • satisfying vape from the first puff to the last,
  • optimizing the flavor and cloud production.

It dramatically enhances the overall vaping experience, making each puff a joy.

Additional Features

Moreover, the Ti7000 FROZEN EDITION is loaded with additional features like a leak-proof design that ensures no e-liquid spillage. It's also equipped with safety features such as short-circuit protection, overcharging protection, and overheat protection, providing a safe vaping experience.



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    Ice Mint

    Posted by Alex Bomj on Jul 27th 2023

    Top notch costumer service! I love the mint

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    Frozen Edition

    Posted by Ana Covtun on Jul 27th 2023

    I love the strawberry!

  • 5

    Funky Republic

    Posted by Mike Gordon on Jul 27th 2023

    Will buy again!

  • 5

    Funky Republic never disappoint

    Posted by Returning customer on Jul 27th 2023

    Love it!