Review SOFI X9000 & 9000 Puffs Vape Disposable. Specs

Review SOFI X9000 & 9000 Puffs Vape Disposable. Specs

Posted by ART / ITM on Oct 26th 2023

Review SOFI X9000 & 9000 Puffs Vape Disposable. Specs

SOFI X9000 VapeIn an industry buzzing with innovations, the SOFI X9000 Smart Disposable shines brightly, embodying a fusion of convenience, innovation, and an extraordinary vaping experience. This detailed review will elucidate the various facets, pros, and cons of the device, topped with customer feedback, to offer a panoramic perspective on what the X9000 brings to the vaping symphony.

**Design, Battery, and Longevity**

At the pinnacle of its appeal, the SOFI X9000 brims with ergonomic brilliance. Its compact design does not merely settle at aesthetics but integrates practicality and ease of use, befitting the lifestyle of users constantly on the move. A powerful 650mAh battery resides within, skillfully paired with USB Type-C charging, marking a notable improvement in disposable vape devices’ adaptability and endurance, supporting up to 9000 puffs.

**E-Liquid, Flavors, and Vaping Experience**

A bountiful 18mL of pre-filled e-liquid graces the X9000, available in a spectrum of captivating flavors. From the cool, refreshing whispers of ‘Cool Mint’ to the tropical celebration in ‘Peach Mango Ice’, each flavor curates a distinct ambiance. The essence of each offering, such as the exotic ‘Aloe Grape’ or the classic homage in ‘Tobacco Cream’, has been masterfully composed to transport users through a vivid landscape of sensory delights.

**Innovation: Display Screen and Indicators**

SOFI X9000 heralds intelligence in design with a display screen, pioneering an intuitive interface that keeps the user informed about the battery life and e-liquid level. Such foresighted innovation echoes a commitment to enhancing user experience through convenience and functionality.

**Coil and Nicotine Strength**

An integrated 1.0ohm dual mesh coil articulates the core of the X9000, enabling a smooth and satisfying vapor output. Coupled with a nicotine strength of 5% (50mg), it crafts a robust experience for those seeking substantial nicotine satisfaction with a refined throat hit.

**Pros and Cons**


1. **Rich Flavor Variety:** The expansive array of flavors caters to a spectrum of preferences, allowing users to traverse various taste landscapes.

2. **Smart Features:** Integrated display and indicators enhance user experience by providing real-time insights into device status.

3. **Rechargeability:** A significant advantage that ensures the device's longevity, enhancing its value proposition.

4. **Generous E-Liquid Volume:** An 18mL capacity offers extended vaping pleasure, reducing the frequency of device replacements.

5. **Coil Design:** The dual mesh coil is thoughtfully integrated to optimize vapor production and flavor richness.


1. **Battery Capacity:** While decent, the 650mAh battery might seem limiting for some users, given the device's puff capacity.

2. **Size and Portability:** Due to the integrated features, the device might feel bulkier compared to simplistic disposable vapes.

**Customer Feedback**

Users applaud the X9000’s flavor vibrancy and the clarity brought by the smart display. The rechargeable feature has also been well-received, adding a dimension of sustainability and longevity. Some users, however, expressed wishes for a more potent battery to fully leverage the device’s extensive puff capacity.


The SOFI X9000 stands as a testament to the evolution of disposable vapes, embracing technological advancements and design ingenuity to offer a compelling vaping companion. Its orchestration of flavors, intelligent features, and meticulous design elements converge to create a device that resonates with the modern vaper’s desires and expectations. The X9000 doesn’t merely aim to be a part of your vaping journey; it aspires to elevate it to unprecedented heights of satisfaction and delight.