Review FrioBar MX10K & 10000 Puffs. Specifications

Review FrioBar MX10K & 10000 Puffs. Specifications

Posted by ART / ITM on Sep 30th 2023

Review FrioBar MX10K & 10000 Puffs. Specifications

FrioBar vapes

The FrioBar MX 10K is a disposable vape device that promises an extended vaping experience with its impressive 10,000 puffs offering. With 20 mL of pre-filled e-liquid, a 650mAh rechargeable battery, and an eye-catching design, it appeals to many vaping enthusiasts.


  • Extended Puff Count: With approximately 10,000 puffs, the FrioBar MX 10K provides a long-lasting experience without the need for frequent refills or recharging.
  • DuoMesh2.0 Tech 1.0Ω Coil: The advanced coil technology ensures a consistent and smooth vaping experience, enhancing flavor and vapor production.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The 650mAh Type-C rechargeable battery adds to the device's longevity, allowing users to recharge it when it runs low.
  • Adjustable Airflow: The bottom adjustable airflow feature allows users to customize their draw resistance, catering to both MTL and DTL vapers.
  • Futuristic Design: With laser engraving patterns and a cyberpunk aesthetic, the device stands out with its unique and attractive design.
  • Accessory Inclusion: The inclusion of a free lanyard adds convenience, making it easy for users to carry the device around.
  • Battery & E-Liquid Display: The display provides clear visibility of the remaining battery and e-liquid levels, helping users to keep track of when it needs recharging or eventual replacement.


  • Non-Refillable: Although it offers a large amount of pre-filled e-liquid, the device is not refillable, limiting users to the initial flavor.
  • Higher Nicotine Content: With 5% (50mg) nicotine strength, it might not be suitable for individuals looking for lower nicotine content.
  • Price Point: Depending on the region and retailer, the FrioBar MX 10K might be priced higher than other disposable vapes in the market.
  • Limited Customization: While it has adjustable airflow, other aspects of the device, like flavor and nicotine strength, cannot be customized.
  • Size: Its features and design might make it bulkier than other disposables, making it less pocket-friendly for some users.

Customer Reviews (Fictive):

  • Satisfied User: "The FrioBar MX 10K has been a game-changer for me! I love the fact that it lasts so long, and the flavor and vapor production are top-notch. The design is also a great conversation starter."
  • Occasional Vaper: "As someone who vapes infrequently, the nicotine strength was a bit much for me, but the adjustable airflow and lasting battery made it worth the investment."
  • Concerned Parent: "I wish there were options with lower nicotine content. While the device itself is well-designed, the high nicotine strength makes me hesitant to recommend it to younger adults."
  • Value Seeker: "It’s a bit pricier than what I usually spend on disposables, but considering how long it lasts, I think it offers good value for money. Plus, the design is fantastic!"