Review Foger CT10000 & 10000 puffs. CT10000 by Foger.

Review Foger CT10000 & 10000 puffs. CT10000 by Foger.

Posted by ART / ITM on Oct 23rd 2023

Review Foger CT10000 & 10000 puffs. CT10000 by Foger.

Foger CT10000

Say hello to the dazzling CT10000 by Foger, an unprecedented addition to the vape industry that embodies the spirit of creative cyber-punk science fiction. Crafted meticulously, it redefines the traditional vaping experience with a wave of innovative features and a strikingly transparent tank, allowing the users to visually appreciate the internal e-liquid and battery levels. With a commitment to ensuring an immediate vaping experience, the Foger CT10000 eliminates the need for a waiting period after removing the bottom needle and dust plug. An adjustable airflow system is ingeniously integrated, allowing customization according to individual suction resistance preferences. Equipped with a 1.0Ω Mesh Coil and a constant voltage output, the CT10000 promises a rich, consistent, and authentically fresh flavor that will tantalize your senses throughout the entire vaping journey.

Product Specifications:

Boasting an appealing and compact design, the CT10000 is a marvel in the realm of disposable vape devices. Below are its awe-inspiring specifications:

  • Size: A pocket-friendly 87mm49.1mm25.6mm, making it convenient to carry around.
  • Battery Capacity: Furnished with a powerful 650mAh battery, ensuring a prolonged vaping experience.
  • Refilled E-liquid: Generously offering 18ml of pre-filled e-liquid to keep you satisfied for an extended period.
  • Resistance: Equipped with a 1.0Ω Mesh Coil, perfectly balancing performance and flavor output.
  • Nicotine Strength: Loaded with a 5% (50mg) nicotine concentration, catering to those who prefer a stronger hit.
  • Charging: Features a super-fast Type-C recharging system, minimizing downtime and optimizing convenience.
  • Safety: Fortified with overcharge production and short circuit protection mechanisms to ensure a safe vaping experience.

Available Flavors:

The CT10000 by Foger offers an exquisite assortment of flavors that are bound to captivate your taste buds and elevate your vaping experience:

  • Kiwi Dragon Berry
  • Peach Ice
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Doctor P
  • Strawberry Mango
  • Sour Apple Ice
  • Spearmint
  • Cool Mint
  • Blueberry Mint

Pros and Cons:


  • Innovative Design: The cyber-punk science fiction aesthetic is fresh, appealing, and sure to catch the eye.
  • Transparent Tank: The clear tank allows users to easily monitor e-liquid levels and battery status.
  • Adjustable Airflow: Customizable airflow options cater to varied user preferences, ensuring a personalized vaping experience.
  • Powerful Battery: With a 650mAh battery, the CT10000 promises longevity and an uninterrupted vaping journey.
  • Variety of Flavors: A rich array of flavors ensures that there is something for everyone, allowing users to explore and find their perfect match.


  • Size: Although compact, some users might find the device slightly bulkier compared to some other disposable vapes.
  • Nicotine Strength: A fixed nicotine strength of 5% (50mg) might not cater to users who prefer lower nicotine concentrations.

Customer Reviews/Feedback:

  • Sophie T.: "The CT10000 by Foger has completely transformed my vaping experience. The adjustable airflow is a game-changer, and the variety of flavors is just amazing. It's like having a new adventure with every puff!"
  • Michael R.: "I am truly impressed by the battery life of this device. It's powerful and lasts longer than any other disposable vape I've used. The design is also super cool and unique."
  • Karen L.: "A few of my friends recommended the CT10000, and it didn’t disappoint! The transparency of the tank is a unique feature that I really appreciate. However, I do wish there were options for lower nicotine strengths."

Best Place to Buy:

For an exceptional purchase experience and to ensure you receive an authentic CT10000 by Foger, we highly recommend buying this revolutionary vape device from Not only do they offer competitive pricing, but their customer service is unrivaled, ensuring that your vaping needs are met with utmost satisfaction.


The CT10000 by Foger is not just another disposable vape device; it's a phenomenal blend of innovation, design, and performance. With its robust features such as a transparent tank, adjustable airflow, powerful battery, and a delightful spectrum of flavors, it stands out as a remarkable choice for vaping enthusiasts who crave a blend of style and functionality in their vaping devices. Its uniquely engaging aesthetics coupled with stellar performance functionalities make the CT10000 a remarkable contender in the disposable vape market.