Review ELF VPR 9000 puffs. Specifications, Price & Flavors

Review ELF VPR 9000 puffs. Specifications, Price & Flavors

Posted by ART / ITM on Sep 24th 2023

Review ELF VPR 9000 puffs. Specifications, Price & Flavors



In an industry saturated with vaping devices that often seem indistinguishable from one another, the ELF VPR 9000 Vape Disposable emerges as a beacon of innovation. It promises more than just an ordinary vape session—it offers an unparalleled journey. In this exhaustive review, we're diving deep into the ELF VPR 9000, unraveling its features, customer experiences, and weighing its pros and cons. Let's ascertain if this product truly lives up to the hype.

Features Explained:

1. Abundant E-Liquid Reservoir:

The ELF VPR 9000 doesn't skimp on its liquid offering—a whopping 20mL pre-filled e-liquid ensures users can enjoy prolonged vaping sessions without the dread of running out prematurely.

2. Potent Nicotine Delight:

With a 5% salt nicotine concentration, the device offers a robust throat hit while preserving the e-liquid's intricate flavors—a harmony that's often desired but not easily achieved.

3. Prolonged Vaping Assurance:

Boasting a staggering 9000 puffs per device, it’s evident that the ELF VPR 9000 aims to be a constant companion rather than a fleeting experience.

4. Mesh Coil Magnificence:

The inclusion of the mesh coil accentuates the even heating mechanism, ensuring every puff is flavorful, consistent, and devoid of any dry hits.

5. Seamless Recharge Feature:

Offering rechargeability in a disposable is a testament to its commitment to both user convenience and sustainability.

6. Intuitive Indicators:

The liquid and battery indicators are game-changers, keeping users informed, prepared, and ensuring the device never runs dry unexpectedly.

Customer Experiences & Reviews:

Jane from California shares, "I’ve tried a myriad of vapes, but the ELF VPR 9000 stands out. The liquid lasts, the flavors are crisp, and I absolutely adore the battery indicator—it's a lifesaver!"

Mike from New York comments, "Switching to ELF VPR 9000 was the best decision I made. The mesh coil difference is palpable, and the 9000 puffs promise? They delivered!"

Ella from Texas notes, "Being a heavy vaper, I often found myself constantly refilling or recharging. The ELF VPR 9000 simplified everything. It’s my go-to device now."

Pros and Cons:


  • Extensive E-liquid Capacity: The 20mL offering is one of the best in the market, ensuring long-lasting sessions.
  • High-Quality Mesh Coil: Consistency in flavor and vapor density with every puff.
  • User-Friendly Indicators: Stay informed with real-time liquid and battery levels.
  • Eco-friendly Recharge Option: Reduces electronic waste and provides added value.
  • Smooth & Robust Hits: Thanks to the 5% salt nicotine concentration.


  • Size & Portability: Due to its numerous features and larger e-liquid capacity, it might be slightly bulkier than other disposables.
  • Price Point: Some users might find it a bit pricier than standard disposables, but its features justify the cost.

SEO Considerations:

For those passionate about vaping, the ELF VPR 9000 Vape Disposable is a search-worthy product. It beautifully merges innovation with user experience. With keywords like "long-lasting vape", "mesh coil disposable", and "rechargeable vape", it's evident that the ELF VPR 9000 caters to the modern vaper's needs. When searching for a premium vaping experience, the ELF VPR 9000 should undoubtedly be on the radar.


The ELF VPR 9000 Vape Disposable isn't just a product—it's a statement. It symbolizes what the intersection of technology, user feedback, and innovative design can achieve. While it has its minor setbacks, its pros overwhelmingly shadow the cons. For those looking to elevate their vaping journey and desire a product that stands out in a crowded market, the ELF VPR 9000 is a formidable contender.