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Flying Horse + Ocho Blend Black Edition 6000mg Vape

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Flying Horse + Ocho Blend Black Edition 6000mg Vape

Responding to the enthusiastic demands of hemp aficionados, Flying Horse is thrilled to introduce the Ocho Blend Black Edition Disposables. This robust offering brings together a meticulously curated mix of cannabinoids and live resin terpenes, designed to deliver deep, enduring euphoria and a uniquely rich flavor profile.

Experience the Pinnacle of Potency:

  • Dynamic Cannabinoid Array: Each device is packed with a 6g high-potency blend that includes TH Ca, Delta 9 TH CP, Delta 8 T HC, and specially selected live resin terpenes.
  • Profound Euphoria: Crafted for a powerful yet balanced experience, the Ocho Blend ensures profound euphoric effects with lasting impact, often referred to as having "long legs."

User-Focused Innovations:

  • Pre-Heat Functionality: Optimize your vaping experience with the pre-heat feature, designed to perfectly prime the blend for immediate and satisfying use.
  • Convenient Charging: Equipped with a modern USB-C port, ensuring fast and easy charging to keep you going without hassle.