Swype Bluetooth Vape Guide: Manual & Flavor Review

Swype Bluetooth Vape Guide: Manual & Flavor Review

Posted by ART / ITM on Apr 1st 2024

Ultimate Guide to the Swype 30000 puffs Bluetooth Disposable Vape

Swype Vape Review

The Swype 30K Puffs 22ML Disposable Vape Device represents a groundbreaking innovation in the vaping industry, combining traditional vaping functionalities with modern technology advancements. This device not only offers a substantial puff capacity and large e-liquid volume but also integrates smart features such as calls and text notifications, Bluetooth connectivity, and an interactive touch screen. With these features, Swype is transforming the way users experience vaping, making it a comprehensive lifestyle gadget rather than just a nicotine delivery system.

Design and Usability

Touch Screen and Connectivity

At the forefront of the Swype's design is its Mega 2.01 OLED touch screen, which offers vibrant display quality and responsive touch control. This screen acts as the command center, allowing users to navigate through various features, including games, a calculator, and customizable wallpaper settings. The Bluetooth connectivity enhances its utility, enabling the device to receive call and text notifications directly on the vape device—a first in the vaping market.

Dual Mesh Coil and Battery Efficiency

The Swype device is equipped with a dual mesh coil system that guarantees a consistent and flavorful vaping experience. This technology ensures that each puff is smooth and rich with flavor, optimizing the 22ML e-liquid capacity. The 850mAh battery supports long usage times, adapting to user settings like Eco, Normal, and Boost modes, which adjust the device’s energy consumption based on the desired intensity of the vaping experience.

Swype vape manual

Performance and Features

Vape Modes

  • Eco Mode: Maximizes the puff count to 30,000, focusing on energy efficiency and lighter vapor production.
  • Normal Mode: Provides a balanced experience with up to 25,000 puffs, suitable for regular use.
  • Boost Mode: Increases the power output for more intense flavor and vapor, offering around 20,000 puffs.

Additional Functionalities

The inclusion of practical tools like a built-in calculator and real-time weather updates positions the Swype as more than a vape device—it’s a personal assistant. These features are ideal for users who value functionality and convenience, allowing them to stay informed and organized without switching devices.

Flavor Review

Swype offers a variety of 15 exciting flavors that cater to all taste preferences, from fruity to minty to dessert-inspired options:

  • Blue Razz Ice: A cool and tangy blend of blue raspberries.
  • Cherry Lemon: A zesty and sweet mix that balances the sharpness of lemon with the sweetness of cherry.
  • Juicy Peach: A succulent and natural peach flavor that’s both refreshing and sweet.
  • Pina Colada: A tropical getaway in every puff, combining the flavors of pineapple and coconut.
  • Strawberry Banana: A classic blend of ripe strawberries and creamy bananas.

These flavors are expertly crafted to deliver distinct and enjoyable taste experiences, enhancing the overall vaping session.


The Swype 30K Puffs Disposable Vape Device is an avant-garde product that redefines the scope of what a vape device can do. By incorporating elements typically found in smartphones, such as a touch screen, Bluetooth, and notifications, Swype has created a multi-functional device that serves various user needs. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a regular vaper looking for an enhanced experience, the Swype offers a compelling array of features.

For those interested in purchasing the Swype or learning more about its specifications and available flavors, visiting the official distributor or their preferred vape retailer is recommended. This device promises not only a high-quality vaping experience but also a step into the future of integrated personal technology.