Review & Where to buy Beco Plush 8000 Puffs Disposable vape!

Review & Where to buy Beco Plush 8000 Puffs Disposable vape!

Posted by ART / ITM on Jun 2nd 2023

Introducing Becovape, a new player in the world of disposable vapes. If you're familiar with Vaptio, you may have come across the name Becovape before. They are either associated with or part of Vaptio themselves. Vaptio has established itself as a reputable brand in the vape industry, and it's possible that Becovape inherits that reputation.

The BECO Plush is a disposable vape device designed for a loose mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw. It features a 1.0-ohm mesh coil atomizer, a dual-airflow system for producing larger clouds, and an impressive 800 mAh battery that provides approximately 8000 puffs. The device is available in 12 flavors, all with a nicotine concentration of 50 mg/mL, and has a 16 mL e-juice capacity.

Now, let's discuss whether the BECO Plush is worth trying.

Price: To be announced (available at

Flavors: Berry lemon, mango peach pineapple, strawberry watermelon, peach ice, cherry pomegranate, watermelon ice, Sakura grapes, Cuba tobacco, strawberry kiwi guava, berry lemon, lime mojito, blue razz cotton candy, fresh mint

The BECO Plush is a well-built disposable vape that feels substantial, weighing around 70 grams. It has a C-frame design slightly larger than other disposables like the Freemax Friobar. The weight and size of the BECO Plush indicate a larger battery capacity. However, it's worth noting that it may be too heavy to comfortably hold in your mouth while taking a hit.

One aspect of the BECO Plush that stands out is its overall appearance. It has a mature and slightly retro aesthetic reminiscent of the 80s, with muted colors and a soft, matte plastic exterior complemented by an eco-leather decal that provides a textured grip. The devices come in black or white, and the colors on the decal correspond to the flavors. The term "plush" used in the name may be somewhat playful, but the device exhibits a higher level of quality than expected.

I have no complaints about the size, look, or feel of the BECO Plush. The only downside is its weight, which is slightly heavier than most disposables. However, I would still prefer carrying it over other disposables that look like toys. The BECO Plush has a more sophisticated design reminiscent of box mods.

Getting started with the BECO Plush is simple—just open the box and start vaping. Although there is no charging cable included, the device can be recharged using a USB-C cable. It should come fully charged out of the box, but you can plug it in to ensure it's at maximum capacity. If a blue activation light turns on when you connect it to a power source, it means it can still be charged further.

Now, let's discuss how the BECO Plush performs in terms of vaping experience.

The BECO Plush provides a smooth and mostly quiet MTL hit with its 1.0-ohm mesh coil. After using it for a day, I was pleasantly surprised by its performance. While I didn't initially notice the loose MTL draw, I found that I was able to take big hits with dense clouds, which is unusual for a disposable vape.

If you're accustomed to tight draws like those on the Elf Bar BC5000, you may need to make some adjustments. While you can use the BECO Plush with a strict MTL draw, the vapor production and overall hit may feel weak. Opting for a loose MTL draw yields ample vapor and a satisfying hit.

It may seem counterintuitive to have a loose MTL draw combined with such a high nicotine concentration, but the device manages to deliver smooth hits without being overly harsh. The throat hit is present but not overwhelming, and I haven't experienced any coughing, which is common with loose MTL draws and 50 mg nicotine.

The only minor drawback I noticed is that the MTL draw varied slightly among the different BECO Plush devices I received. While they all provided a loose MTL draw, the dual-airflow system appeared slightly inconsistent from one device to another. It's not a significant issue, but it's worth mentioning.

Now, let's talk about the flavors offered by BECO Plush.

Overall, I found the flavors to be quite enjoyable. Recently, I've had disappointing experiences with disposable vapes that all seem to taste the same. However, BECO Vape offers 12 flavors, specializing in fruit mixes, along with a couple of classics like Cuban tobacco and fresh mint. Here are my top five favorites and a few others that are noteworthy:

  1. Cherry lemon: A lively flavor that evokes a mouth-watering and tangy sensation. The natural cherry flavor pairs well with the tartness of lemon. It also has a medium-to-high cooling effect, which complements the overall flavor. A delightful choice.
  2. Peach ice: Aromatic and moderately sweet, this flavor captures the authentic taste of peaches (not artificial peach candy). It has a refreshing cooling sensation, making it a popular flavor found in many disposables. However, I believe this peach ice flavor stands out as particularly flavorful.
  3. Sakura grapes: This flavor offers a sweet and juicy green grape taste with subtle floral notes, followed by a moderately cool finish. It's a beautiful flavor that provides a unique vaping experience.
  4. Cherry pomegranate: Once again, the cherry takes the spotlight. This flavor is highly flavorful, and it's challenging to distinguish where the cherry ends and the pomegranate begins. It's a well-executed fruit mix for fans of sweet and tart flavors, with a pronounced cooling effect.
  5. Lime mojito: A zesty blend of lime and mint reminiscent of a lime cocktail but without the alcoholic taste. It's sweet and refreshing, with the mint adding brightness and the lime providing a tangy twist. It's a delightful flavor, particularly suitable for mature audiences. Personally, I enjoy vaping this flavor while reading in bed.

While not included in my favorites list, I feel it's worth mentioning the following flavors:

  1. Cuba tobacco: This flavor exudes a strong aroma and tastes like a sweet and dry cigar without any cooling notes. It's as close as you can get to the flavor of a cigar in a disposable vape. It has hints of vanilla mixed with tobacco and cigar paper.
  2. Fresh mint: It's a good flavor, although it falls into the category of mint mixes. There isn't much more to say other than it's a solid choice.
  3. Mango peach pineapple: The peach and pineapple flavors are excellent, but the mango has a slightly overpowering green taste that overshadows the other flavors. This was the first flavor I tried, and it was my least favorite. Although it has grown on me slightly, it still doesn't compare to the others I mentioned.

Next, let's discuss the longevity of the BECO Plush disposable.

The BECO Plush boasts an 800 mAh battery, which lasts me for a full day of usage. Additionally, it offers a generous e-juice capacity of 16 mL, which seems accurate based on my experience.

After a single charge, I can still use the BECO Plush for an entire additional charge cycle before the e-juice starts to deplete. Rarely do I find myself needing more than one charge with this device.

When it's time to recharge the BECO Plush, simply connect it to any USB-C compatible power source. The approximate charging time is 90 minutes. While the device is charging, a blue indicator light located at the bottom of the device will remain lit and turn off once the charge is complete. However, it's important to note that pass-thru charging is not supported.

To summarize, here are the pros and cons of the BECO Plush disposable vape:


  • Solid and substantial feel in hand
  • Suitable for a loose MTL draw
  • Flavors are flavorful and enjoyable
  • Quick activation with a 1.0-ohm mesh coil
  • Produces dense vapor
  • Long-lasting battery (800 mAh)
  • Ample e-juice capacity (16 mL)
  • Performs well with long draws
  • No pass-thru charging
  • Slightly heavier than other disposables


  • Draw may not suit strict MTL vapers
  • Relatively higher price compared to other disposables ($29.99 according to BECO's shop)

In conclusion, the BECO Plush is an excellent line of disposable vapes. The main aspect that may require adjustment is the draw, which is not strictly MTL. Most other disposables on the market, even those with adjustable airflow, are better suited for strict MTL vaping. However, the BECO Plush is designed for more substantial hits rather than quick puffs, although it's not classified as a cloud disposable. The flavors are well-crafted, the device has an appealing look and feel, and you can enjoy approximately two charge cycles. Keep in mind that the BECO Plush is priced higher than other disposables, but it delivers a superior experience, although whether it's worth paying double the price will depend on your vaping budget.

In summary, I highly recommend the BECO Plush disposable vape.