Review North 5000 Puffs Rechargeable Disposable Vape. Specs

Review North 5000 Puffs Rechargeable Disposable Vape. Specs

Posted by ART / ITM on Oct 23rd 2023

Review North 5000 Puffs Rechargeable Disposable Vape

North 5000 puffsUnveiling the North 10ML Disposable Vape Device, an epitome of innovation, convenience, and performance in the realm of vaping. The device is a seamless amalgamation of functionality and modern technology, fostering an unparalleled vaping experience. It stands as a quintessential choice for those who yearn for an extensive puff count, substantial battery life, and a rich flavor profile. The North 10ML is infused with an array of features such as a battery indicator, e-liquid indicator, a premium mesh coil, and overcharge protection, ensuring that the device operates with efficiency and safety. Its sophisticated design, along with its remarkable attributes, delineates the product's credibility and supreme quality.

Detailed Product Description:

E-Liquid Capacity and Indicator:

The North 10ML Disposable Vape Device comes prefilled with a generous 10ml of e-liquid, ensuring that the vapers are endowed with a long-lasting and gratifying experience. The e-liquid indicator is a novel addition that facilitates users by keeping them abreast of the remaining e-liquid, preventing any unexpected runouts and maintaining a consistent vaping session.

Battery Capacity and Indicator:

Powered with a robust 550mAh battery, the device promises durability and a prolonged vaping journey. The thoughtful integration of the battery indicator allows users to monitor the battery life effortlessly, ensuring that the device is always ready to deliver a top-tier vaping session.

Premium Mesh Coil:

Ingrained with a premium mesh coil, the device proffers an exceptional vaping experience, characterized by richer flavors and smoother hits. The mesh coil enhances the overall performance by ensuring that the e-liquid is heated evenly, promoting a profound vapor production and flavor intensity.

Overcharge Protection:

Safety is paramount, and the North 10ML Disposable Vape Device doesn’t compromise. Equipped with overcharge protection, the device guarantees the prevention of battery malfunctions, ensuring a secure and resilient vaping expedition.


Engulf yourself in up to 5000 delightful puffs that each device pledges. Such an extensive puff count stands testimony to the device’s remarkable endurance and capability to deliver sustained satisfaction.

Nicotine Salt:

Nicotine satisfaction is enhanced with a 5% nicotine salt concentration, which ensures that each puff is met with the desired level of nicotine, promoting a satisfying and balanced vaping experience.


  • Extended Puff Count: With up to 5000 puffs, the device ensures long-lasting vaping satisfaction.
  • Innovative Indicators: The integration of e-liquid and battery indicators fosters convenience and uninterrupted vaping.
  • Enhanced Safety: Overcharge protection feature maximizes safety during usage.
  • Rich Flavor Profile: The premium mesh coil ensures consistent and rich flavor production.
  • Durable Battery: A substantial 550mAh battery ensures sustained device performance.


  • Limited Reusability: Being a disposable device, its lifespan is limited to the battery and e-liquid lifespan.
  • Non-Adjustable Settings: The device does not offer flexibility with non-adjustable airflow or power settings.

Customer Reviews/Feedback:

"Absolutely amazing! The North 10ML Disposable Vape Device has revolutionized my vaping experience. Its extensive puff count, combined with the powerful battery, makes it a must-have for all vapers." - John D.

"I love the convenience that the indicators provide. No more unexpected low battery or e-liquid surprises. The mesh coil also ensures that every puff is full of flavor." - Sarah L.

"The safety features such as overcharge protection give me peace of mind, and the nicotine salt concentration is just perfect for satisfying my cravings." - Mike R.

Conclusion & Best Place to Buy:

The North 10ML Disposable Vape Device has undoubtedly marked its presence with its impeccable features and performance. It emerges as a reliable choice for vapers who seek convenience, performance, and safety in their vaping devices.

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