Review EBCreate TE6000 & 6000 puffs Disposable Vape | Online

Review EBCreate TE6000 & 6000 puffs Disposable Vape | Online

Posted by ART / ITM on Jul 14th 2023

The successor to the reputable Elf Bar BC5000, the EBCreate TE6000, features various key enhancements. Notably, the Elf Bar BC5000 has long been a standout in the disposable vape domain. Overall, any model in the EB Disposable Vape Collection is a sound choice for adult salt nic juice vapers desiring solid flavors, dependability, and enduring performance in a rechargeable disposable.

The well-established Elf Bar BC5000 was a significant success, emerging as the preferred vape for numerous adult vapers, thanks to its proprietary flavor formulas and high reliability. The BC5000 had a unique capacity to deliver rich flavors, making it an ideal gateway to vaping for adult fans of combustibles. Even the most jaded taste buds couldn't resist the rich notes and tones of Elf Bar flavors.

Given this lineage and proven track record, every team member who vaped salt nic juice was eager to test the new EBCreate TE6000.


If you're reading this review, you're probably familiar with Elf Bar and the many advantages of their products. The BC5000 was the best-selling among several disposable vapes bearing the Elf Bar name. It was a lightweight, lozenge-shaped disposable vape with a small mouthpiece, delivering a nice draw, crisp flavors, and a sufficient salt nic juice capacity for up to 5000 puffs. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, using USB-C technology, it maintained top performance until the juice reservoir was entirely depleted.


The rechargeable feature was a significant innovation in disposable vapes. Previously, performance and flavor would significantly drop as the battery neared the end of its lifespan. Additionally, batteries are bulky and costly. Non-rechargeable batteries limited the size of disposables, as an excessively large battery would be necessary to support the 15ml of e-liquid found in many disposables.

Using batteries of around 650mAh, ideal for one or two days of low-wattage, mouth-to-lung nic salt vaping, disposable vape users could enjoy the best of all worlds - no hassles, no buttons to push, no charging, but also long-lasting performance.


The Elf Bar BC5000 was a convenient, draw-activated, long-lasting product with great flavors. It was compact and ideal for the on-the-go adult vaper, and had enough capacity to serve as an everyday vape for nic salt users.

The EB Design TE6000 sports a sleek look. With transparent cases and metallic trim, it feels high-quality without being too heavy to comfortably hold. The ability to see the battery and juice tank through the colorfully designed clear plastic wrap is a nice touch.

EBCreate uses the tagline "Born for speed" to describe this device and collection. This seemingly cryptic statement makes perfect sense when you compare the BC5000 and TE6000 head-to-head. It's all about the airflow. Flavors like Lemon Drop truly excelled in this newly minted disposable.


How does the TE6000 compare to the widely popular Elf Bar BC5000? Although the Elf Bar BC5000 is everywhere, can the EBCreate T6000 compete head-on?

The answer lies in a peculiar acronym that is more than just marketing jargon: The QUAQ mesh coil. This exceptional coil first made an appearance in the EB Ultra. The EBCreate TE6000 outperforms the Elf Bar BC5000 by using this same QUAQ coil.

Even more impressive, the EBCreate TE6000 also improves on the EB Design Ultra by combining the enhanced QUAQ coil with a much better airflow design.

You might notice that the EBCreate TE6000 has a lower listed nicotine strength than traditional disposables. This is due to a change in how nicotine content is measured.


To put it simply, the EB TE6000 outperforms the classic Elf Bar BC5000. With increased airflow and a straight airway chimney, the TE6000 delivers a steady puff from the moment you start drawing.

The TE6000 also outperforms the Elf Bar BC5000 in terms of firing speed. There's a microsecond delay in the BC5000 draw, but no such hitch in the Elf Bar TE6000’s performance.

After firing, the TE6000 serves up a steady, potent stream of vapor. The EBCreate TE6000’s vapor seems slightly thicker and more flavorful than the BC5000’s.

In any showdown between the EBCreate TE6000 and the Elf Bar BC5000, the new disposable vape’s faster draw and steadier airflow are noticeable advantages.


The EBCreate TE6000's mouthpiece has been redesigned to increase airflow. The oval chimney now has more of a duckbill shape and provides a looser draw. This works well because the EBCreate TE6000 accelerates from zero to top speed almost instantly.

Compared to the TE6000, the BC5000 is clearly an older design. The sharp appearance of the TE6000 is also noteworthy. It feels more tightly assembled and durable.

The Elf Bar BC5000 secured market share with strong flavors, but there's always room for improvement. That's why EBD offered more robust flavors with a better coil for its Ultra Collection. Now the EBCreate TE6000 and its QUAQ coil introduce better airflow and delivery the second you puff.

The EB TE6000 delivers a thick, dense cloud with no hesitation and, despite the looser draw, feels slightly thicker than the output of the Elf Bar BC5000. The EBCreate TE6000 has the potential to replace both the EBDesign Ultra and Elf Bar BC5000 entirely. This device outperforms its predecessors in every aspect. All it needs is a full selection of flavors.


If you're reviewing old Elf Bar BC5000 specs, you might notice that the EBCreate TE6000 seems to have a lower capacity and lower nicotine strength. This is due to the industry's move to standardize the measurement of these figures. The TE6000 produces an estimated 6000 puffs, an improvement over the BC5000, and has the same nicotine strength. This is not a reduced or low-nicotine disposable vape; it delivers plenty.

Operation: Auto-Draw Activated

Battery Capacity: Integrated 550mAh Battery

Puffs Per device: ~6000

Heating Element: QUAQ-enhanced mesh coil

E-Liquid: 10.3ml

Nic Strength: 40mg (4%)

Airflow: Non-Adjustable, Fast draw "straight airway" design

Charging: USB Type-C cable (not Included), overcharge/short-circuit protection.

Indicator Lights: A single light on the bottom illuminates when charging or hitting.

Dimensions: 78 × 42 × 22 mm

Included in Box: 1- TE6000 Disposable Vape Device.

Vape Juice Ingredients: VG/PG, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Nicotine

EBCREATE TE6000 flavors In addition, other flavors like Apple Peach, Ice Mint, and Grape Ice are also stellar.

You can get the EBCreate TE6000 from the official website of General Vape or any other authorized retailer. It is superb for adults looking for a convenient yet robust disposable vape option.

This vape is not only a step forward for EBCreate but for the entire disposable vape industry. With great performance and superior design, it is a worthy successor to the Elf Bar BC5000.